a neat little house to record in

Home recorded albums – did you know it has happened?

What, some albums were not recorded in a studio, but in someone’s friggin’ house? Even some successful/popular ones? So what, right? Nope. It’s not something you can dismiss so easily, dear n00bie. And you, you intelligent music enthusiast, dear minority, with the eager ears and shiny eyes. Let me tell you, it sometimes happens.

Radiohead – “OK Computer”

Let’s take the Radiohead album, “OK Computer”, for example. The funny thing about this one is, the band actually started to record it in a shed converted to a studio called Canned Applause. But they have become pretty tired of the studio-mood. Especially that they couldn’t find a place in the whole building where they could eat or, well, shit. So they walked into an old mansion called St Catherine’s Court (its owner was the actress Jane Seymour at that time). They figured if it was good enough for The Cure, it’ll work for them too. And they were right, now, weren’t they? How about some natural reverb, man?

Eurythmics – “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)”

a neat little house to record inOr there’s that pop duo of the 80s, Eurythmics. They recorded their 2nd album at home in the attic. On a damn obsolete 8-track tape machine. Now let’s assume you, you lone dog go up to popular audio forums with your ears dropped back. Then you act as politely as your humble self can, while asking some questions. Those so called “pros” will jump at your throat quickly. They’re gonna yell that you shouldn’t dare to even daydream about making some recordings without some serious room treatment applied. Now, this above mentioned warehouse attic had none.

Bruce Springsteen – “Nebraska”

You know this guy, right? The epitome of blue collar music. Don’t engage facepalm, it wasn’t me who coined that one up. The “Boss”, Bruce Springsteen. Yep, you do know him. So on an inspired winter day (or was it a night?) he started recording some songs at home. On his TEAC (TASCAM) Portastudio 144. Which is pretty much just a 4-track casette tape recorder. One that used the same compact cassettes we used to record our own world record farts with. At home, when we were kids. What? You didn’t do that? Oh come on. Anyway. Bruce just wanted to record his songs and use the cassette as a demo. So later on they could record it properly in the studio, with the whole band. But that just wasn’t going to work. So the cassette he kept carrying around in his pocket turned out to be the album itself. After some serious noise reduction treatment. Don’t ask.

Crowded House – “Together Alone”

Then there’s this Australasian band that still keeps churning out original, tuneful songs, from album to album. Led by the New Zealand-born singer-songwriter, Neil Finn. Got it? Yep. Crowded House. So, their 1993 album, “Together Alone” was recorded in a house of Neil’s friends. These guys were Nigel and Jody Horrocks, at Karekare beach. What’s the sound of melodic parrot screech, grasshopper?

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