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Which Beatles member wrote these songs? – amazing charts

If you’re a Beatles fan – and since you are on this page, chances are high that you are – you have to check out these amazing charts.
Let’s take the first one. It shows which member of the band wrote what song. It also shows the percentage of their contribution if the song was a result of a collaboration two or more band members.

Penned by a single author, or is it a collab?

Authorship and Collaboration of Beatles songs
Authorship and Collaboration (CLICK TO ENLARGE! – chart by Michael Deal, based on authorial attributions quantified by William J. Dowlding in the book Beatlesongs)

We have pure John Lennon songs like “Please Please Me”, “All I’ve Got To Do”, “Yes It Is” from the early era. Or there’s “Strawberry Fields Forever” and “The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill” from the later Beatles. And also pure early Paul McCartney tunes like “All My Loving”, “I’ll Follow The Sun”, “I’m Looking Through You”. Or from later times “Martha My Dear” and “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer”. Every song is indicated in the chart, including 50/50% collaborations like “I Want To Hold Your Hand” or “Baby You’re A Rich Man”. Then there are the George Harrison songs like “Don’t Bother Me” or “Blue Jay Way”. Even the two tunes penned entirely by Ringo Starr: “Don’t Pass Me By” and “Octopus’s Garden”.
Notice how other than the occasional collaborations, the members have become more and more individual as the band developed (and as they got fed up with each other gradually).

Mike Deal, the creator of the above chart also made one about the keys of Beatles songs:

The Beatles: Song Keys (chart by Michael Deal)
The Beatles: Song Keys (CLICK TO ENLARGE! – chart by Michael Deal)

One about the lyrical and/or melodic references to other Beatles songs that appear in their own tunes:

The Beatles: Self Reference (chart by Michael Deal)
The Beatles: Self Reference (CLICK FOR BIGGER SIZE! – chart by Michael Deal)

And a chart about the working schedule of the Beatles between 1963 and 1966; including their recording, touring/performing and filming activities month by month:

The Beatles: The Beatles: Working Schedule, 1963 - 1966 (chart by Michael Deal)
The Beatles: The Beatles: Working Schedule, 1963 – 1966 (CLICK ON THE IMAGE FOR LARGER SIZE! – chart by Michael Deal)

Source: Charting the Beatles – Michael Deal Graphic Design


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