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Significant days – a non-musical theory

The theory of significant days have occurred to me on New Year’s Day, on my usual daily ~ 2 hours rock & roll walk. I call it rock & roll walk only because this term just came to my mind. Don’t see anything deep and meaningful into it. It’s just plain badass. That’s all. So it was the gray sky above, and some boring, gray fog around. Even the houses, cars and the occasional people all looked faint colored and dirty. As if they all came from a 70s Russian calendar. One that’s been exposed to too much sunlight and smog.

Significant days – a musician’s non-musical theory

Walking in such an awfully bland scenery, the theory of significant days just hit me. What would happen if we could just skip all these boring, useless days, and keep only the ones that matter? Each one of us could pick the ones we want to keep and live through in normal time. For example, I could just keep January 1, a couple of nice spring days from about April on. Let’s also keep the whole summer, and definitely skip the whole autumn, and most winter. Except for some chilling time around what’s commonly called Christmas ’round these parts. Rinse and repeat. What? Yep! For the rest of your life, little n00bie.

significant days

Sounds fine and dandy, but how to handle this significant days stuff in reality? How to live through the gray, the cold, the air polluted, fucked up, angry and desperately shitty days? Since drugs are for n00bs, and we are pros, not loser nobos, what’s the solution? Well, it’s pretty simple, my friend. All you have to do is focus inwards. Basically, spend too much time in your head. That’s what you’re good at, that’s what I’m good at. That’s what we are good at. So instead of pretending, let’s make it perfect. All it needs is some practice, and we all know the old blah saying “practice makes perfect”. Don’t forget to skip that one, too. Anyway.

Significant days – a musician’s non-musical theory

Putting it on a little bit more scientific level, let me politely fire away this buzz word rocket: visualization. If all you can perceive is shit around you, and you can’t change the shit part directly, what can you do? Well, change your perception, grasshopper! So that’s what I did. And the gray, bland scenery around me quickly turned into a beautiful, hot summer day with vivid colors. Significant days theory, here I come.

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