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Welcome to Tinderwet Studios, your professional mixing and mastering audio services online! We also offer stem mastering, album sequencing and CD authoring, at affordable rates. Why would you choose to go with such an audio engineering service? Because in the internet-age, people want it quick, at professional quality. So don’t be ashamed; that’s what online services are for. We put a lot of love in our mixes and masters, while paying attention to detail. High sonic fidelity is our primary goal. Nonetheless, feel free to query us with your suggestions. Your intentions are important to us! Be it any kind of audio material, we will preserve its nature, regardless of genre. That doesn’t only mean currently popular genres like metal, EDM or hip hop and rap.

how our service works

Expert studio engineering

A limited service and thus, a limited clientele is like trying to impress with cheap tricks. We are happy to mix heavy metal, master R&B or electronic music. But are you into folk or classical? Jazz, or fusion? No problem, send those tracks! Producing reggae or rock? Ambient or country? Bluegrass or blues? Bring them in! Interested in Asian, Arabic or African music? We can handle it perfectly! Contact us to discuss all needs & preferences briefly, complete the payment, then send us your files. Soon after that we will verify your audio content, then the mixing and/or the mastering process will begin. Mention every important musical aspect and detail, but don’t worry about forgetting anything at first. That’s what the available revisions are for.

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We listen to you then make adjustments accordingly. It happens in every single mixing or mastering sessions as well. Our goal is to create the best sounding results. Exactly the way you need them. We take no cheap shortcuts, so your audio will be free of all the limitations other, less experienced services encounter. We are able to significantly enhance your songs and improve the listening experience, as much as possible. You will be pleased with the results. Please check out the detailed information on our services, listen to our sound samples and get in touch with us!

Affordable online Mixing for the best sound quality

mixing a song is like a journey

“Mixing is like going for a walk just before dawn. Without a torch. Just you and the distance. The distance you need to conquer. You start in the darkest of darkness. You walk your path carefully. At some point you begin to see some faint light. Light of hope. The sky gets brighter and brighter. Suddenly, the Sun comes into sight. Sending its million rays to caress you. Irresistibly. And now you are there, smiling. Standing in the sparkling sunlight.”

We treat your music with passion. Tinderwet Studios’ main goal during mixing is to make the songs as clear and pleasant sounding as possible. The professional approach we have towards our online services is aimed at achieving a fine balance between all musical elements. We highlight the favorable features and gracefully hide the less favorable ones when needed.

“If it sounds good, it is good.”

We will do our best to make your music sound good. As good as possible. Please bear in mind that the final results highly depend on the quality of your recordings. Also, on the quality of the actual musical performance. Nevertheless we will still bring out the best in your audio material. All that while respecting its very nature.

Professional Mastering with high fidelity in mind

audio mastering is like setting up a racecar

“Mastering is like setup for a racecar. You may have some mighty and powerful machine in your possession capable of winning races gloriously. But without a proper setup, you’ll have no chance to run it to its full potential.”

We at Tinderwet Studios concentrate on giving your music that final, professional touch. We balance the frequencies from low to high, making sure that the bass is punchy and powerful, the mid-range is clear and intelligible, and the treble is brilliant and expensive sounding without being harsh.

Do you need your songs to have that “commercial” loudness? We are more than capable to create extreme amounts of compression to get high levels of perceived volume. But by default, we prefer to adjust your music carefully, so it remains dynamic and pleasant to listen to, without fatiguing the listener.