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EDM mixing and mastering services online

Looking for professional EDM mixing & mastering services online? You are at the right place! Tinderwet Studios treat every genre with expertise and compassion. Certainly, electronic dance music is no exception. Whether you’re a pro who want to shake the club, stir up the party, or just get really intimate with your friends dancing to your music, you can count on our service.

We are serious about your EDM tracks

Our online services of mixing and mastering Electronic Dance Music are lightning fastBe it ambient or techno, downtempo or dubstep, disco or house, we’ll be able to bring out the best in your music. We will make sure that the bass is as earth shattering as you desire it to be. We can also give your tracks that silky smooth high end. All that without any of the obtrusive harshness that’s so dominant in amateur mixes and masters. Our online process ensures that your electronic tracks get rid of any muddiness. We also bring out the power in the midrange, without ever losing the impact of the beat.

Stay personal, stay electronic

We believe in song specific treatment, and respect the artistic character your EDM songs carry. While others might work with all electronic music in the same general way, we know that every tune is different. Our mixing and mastering progress will reflect that tonal signature. We want to help you stand out and stay above the competition. Miles above.

Contact us today, so we can energize your music!

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