Custom Guitar & Bass Tabs

If you would like to play any piece of music that you like on guitar or bass guitar, but don’t know how or where to begin, we can help you with our custom guitar tablatures. You will be shown exactly where on the fretboard you need to fret the correct notes and what strings you need to play, in what order. Be it a well known or famous song, a solo or rhythm guitar track of a pop or rock tune, a catchy bass line or a piece of early, classical or folk music you always liked and wanted to play, we’ll help you with our professional transcriptions. You will be able to learn and play the music of your choice, the way you fell in love with it during listening.
And it doesn’t mean tabs of only guitar music. We can create tablatures for any instrumental parts, vocals, piano, strings or horns, if that’s what you need, even in multiple voices. You’ll receive guitar tabs in the exact style, tempo and with the complexity of your choice, to help you play the music you always wanted to play.
And if all that wouldn’t be enough, we can provide you with tablature-courses, educational material, guitar lessons, transcriptions or exercise collections in the genre, musical era or topic of your choice. With these, you can broaden your guitar knowledge properly without having to move past overwhelming challenges or decipher confusing instructions, and learn your favorite styles easily, in a step-by-step manner.

Contact us to get a TAB!

The Process of Ordering a TAB is Simple:

You contact us and write what kind of tab for what kind of music you would like to get.

We agree on the price and you send the 1st half of it.

I begin writing the tablature.

When the tab is finished, I show you an example of it, and list the number of pages/measures, then, after you paid the 2nd half of the full price, I send you the tab by e-mail.

How Much is it Going to Cost?

The base price of a custom tab is currently $50 (USD), the rest of the price depends on how complex the music is, how difficult it is to play it, and how much work it is for me to write the tablature, with all the requested details included.


How can I send you the music that I’d like to get the tab of?

You just get in contact with us, and if it’s a video link or an audio or video file that’s not too large, you can send it by e-mail. In the case of files that are too large for e-mail, I recommend a free large file sending service, for example WeTransfer.

In what file formats can I send you the music?

If it’s an audio (or video) file, I can open pretty much every kind, be it MP3, ALAC, FLAC, MP4, WAV, AIFF, etc. You can send me any of these.

How do you calculate the price?

On top of the base price, I take the difficulty and complexity of the music into consideration, as well as how labour intensive it is to create the tablature with all the requested options and details.

What kind of tab are you going to send me?

I’m going to send you tab(s) generated with GuitarPro software in GP, GPX and PDF formats, if not requested otherwise. These files come with standard notation included on top of each tabulature line. You can request whether you want all the different instruments and tracks in separate files, or in one single file, with all the instruments playing in sync in grand staff.

I like the vocals of a song, but I would like to play it on guitar. Can I send you the music and get tabs that show me how to play the vocal melody?

Of course. I can create tablatures for you based on not only vocals but pretty much any instrument, adapted to the guitar’s range when needed. You just need to decide in what key you need it, and whether you want only the melody with or without accompaniment on a separate tab, or you want a complete solo guitar arrangement of the tune. Whichever option you pick, I’ll do my best to create tabs for you that enable you to learn how to play the song of your choice.

There are multiple guitars and bass(es) playing on the song, but I would like the tab of all these. Can I get them?

Yes, you can of course order the tablature of each one of these guitars and basses. You can get these in either separate tab files, or in a single file, written in multiple lines, in a so called grand staff.

The audio/video quality of the music I would like to send you is not the best. I fell in love with the song during a concert, and made a quick audio/video recording of it. Can I still send it to you for tablatures?

Yes, the overall sound and image quality are usually not a problem. If the required instruments are still audible during the desired parts, I can still make an accurate tab of them for you.

The music I want to send you is in a video, can you make a tab of it?

Of course. Be it a YouTube vid, a video on any other video sharing website, or a video file on your computer, I can create a tablature of it.

I only want the bass guitar part from the song, can you make a bass tab for me?

Yes, if you’re only interested in what the bass player played on the recording, I will make only the bass tab(s) for you.

I would like to get some accompaniment for the music I’m going to send you, with tablature. Can you help me?

Yes, I can gladly create guitar accompaniments, bass lines or other guitar & bass tracks for your music, in the required complexity, for whichever genre you’re interested in.

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