country fingerstyle guitar with downloadable tab, guitar and bass backing track - look around

Country fingerstyle guitar & TAB – “Look Around”

This fingerstyle country guitar tune will surely upset your horses. Restrain the poor bastards then sit back and download the TAB. Why? So you can upset those fuckers yourself. Yeehaw. What? You’re still in the barn?! Leave those silly owls alone and start practicing. Like right now.

Country guitar – quick and snappy fingers

fingerstyle guitar of the country genre with downloadable tab, guitar and bass backing track - look around

So as you have probably noticed already, country guitar players tend to be fast and dexterous. With incredible chops. I’m not one of them. Anyway. The tune is fairly quick, even though it clocks in at a medium high tempo. Does that bother you and make you itch? It shouldn’t. The melody line of the main theme is single note playing. All the way through. Which means it’s pretty simple. The fact that I played it with a clean tone shouldn’t be an upsetting factor either. While a clean guitar tone might tend to reveal timing mistakes, I’ve tabbed the whole thing out for you, note for note. Download it, then all you need to do is learn the stuff slowly, so you don’t screw it up during practice. Then you’ll be golden. I didn’t play bends, because… well, that’s my style, man. I love them .012-.052 gauge string sets. So that means we have hammer-ons, pull-offs, and slides. Plenty of them. Pure joy.

Guitar and bass backing tracks

guitar tab example

You can of course let it rip at the ad-lib part, as usual. The backing tracks come handy if you want to do just that. I’ve included both of them below. One for the guitar (or anything else in guitar’s frequency range). The other one is a bass backing track. What is that? It is a bass-less track, so you can play your own bass line over (under) it. Neat, hey?

Three fingers do the trick.

That about sums the piece up picking technique-wise. Which doesn’t mean it’s hard, once you get used to play this way. Ever noticed how a lot of players go back to a pick or thumbpick when playing faster single note runs? I’m just not that kind. If you also want to learn this kind of playing style, I suggest you to advance instinctively. It might be a slow progress. But doing so, what finally sticks in your mind will surely be the most comfortable way of playing lines with alternate fingers. And the best thing about it is, you’ll never, ever have to think about it anymore. The fingers just fall into place magically. And dat’s da cool shite, bro.

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