african tab polyrhythmic guitar lesson 03

African polyrhythm on guitar – lesson 03 with TAB

The 3rd piece of the African polyrhythmic guitar series. Yes, there are three of them, each one is slightly different, so they (hopefully) teach you something new as you advance. Let’s pretend. Anyway. As you can see in the video and the TAB, the picking hand is doing pretty much the same as in the previous lessons. The thumb is doing the “threes” on the lower string, and the picking fingers play the melody with the “twos”. What are these numbers? Well, we are still in the 2 over 3 polyrhythm mode. So far so good, hey?

The melodic pinky

african tab and polyrhythmic guitar lesson 03
guitar tab example

Yep. The twist comes when the fretting hand appears on the scene. Why? Because we are gripping those cramp inducing barre chord shapes. Not only that, but the pinky gets a major role in moving the melody line to where it has got to be. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s nothing what I would call impossible to play. For a beginner though, it takes time to get used to make those tones come out clean and without buzz (it still does to me, too, as you can hear above, but sssshh!). Yeah, and I play .012 – .052 gauge strings, among other available excuses. -.-

This piece has a softer mood, thanks to the minor chords. Does that mean it sounds sad? You be the judge. I think it has a West African sound, sort of. Careful with those string changes with the thumb. It takes some practice to have the pattern down, but your patience and following the TAB will help, tremendously.

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